Using Keyword in Alt and Title Attributes

An important and largely overlooked aspect of SEO is images ALT attributes. Most website have a lot of images and pictures but they can be used to not just look good, but to help improve the overall SEO of your website. Alt attributes are the text that describes your image. Alt attributes are displayed on the site while the images are loading, or when you hover over the image with your mouse. They also helps disabled people who are using text readers to read your web pages. Alt attributes are another place where you should insert your keywords to improve your organic rankings in the search engines. Even if your text content already contains keywords, you can still improve and reinforce your most important keywords using this method.

Having alt attributes along with naming your images as something descriptive will also drive traffic to your site from Google Images, and in effect, help your overall ranking. Some SEO companies abuse alt attributes and just fill them with all kinds of keywords. However, alt attributes are required if you want your site to validate with W3C standards.

It is a good idea to use keywords in alt attributes, just don’t over do it. Not implementing alt attributes with your images could cost you important traffic.

The TITLE attribute, in contrast to the ALT attribute, can be used for virtually any html page element and is not a requirement according to the W3C. You can use TITLE attributes to describe links, tables, form, form attributes, individual table rows, lists, headings, blockquotes and other structural HTML elements. The TITLE attribute is more versatile than the ALT attribute and many search engine ranking algorithms read the text in TITLE attributes as regular page content.

Specifically, the TITLE attribute is an easy way to give the majority of your visitors more information without taking up valuable real estate on your page. The maximum permissible length of the TITLE text for Internet Explorer is more than a 1000 characters, but we recommend trying to keep your descriptions below 25 words, as much more than this can be very hard to take in at a glance.